The Virginian-Pilot

Jamestown Mystery: A Grave Story

By Notable Narratives February 14, 2007

This is another narative-as-scientific-mystery by Tennant, in which she creates suspense by drawing us into the lives of early settlers, raising a question and proceeding—with strong voice and narrative structure—to answer it. Along the way we are reminded how easy … Read more

A Cosmic Tale

By Notable Narratives February 13, 2007

In this series about an ancient crater, its cause and the man who figured out its origins, Tennant shows her knack for enlivening science, for imbuing scientific questions with mystery and portent. Her lead has no human character, but it … Read more

The Fever

By Notable Narratives April 14, 2006

There are two main characters in this series: first, the illness itself, which ravaged Norfolk and Plymouth, Va., in 1855. It killed one out of three people in the communities it reached. Its effects form a summary narrative of the … Read more