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Enrique’s Journey

By Notable Narratives February 21, 2006

Nazario’s reporting for this series was remarkable. She followed Enrique for part of his journey—from the U.S.-Mexican border to North Carolina—and reconstructed the rest. As part of her research into his experience, she rode seven freight trains, hitched a ride … Read more

Smoking ’em Out

By Notable Narratives February 19, 2006

Mark Kramer cautions his students against writing “How I Got the Story” stories. A particularly amateurish version of such a story might begin: “I felt nervous as I walked into Jane Doe’s elegant office. I knew she was one of … Read more

Making the Time Count

By Notable Narratives November 7, 2005

We appreciate the respectful, compassionate and detached stance of this piece. Streeter writes about Arnie Koslow, a lonely man who is looking back on his life as the timekeeper for some of boxing’s greatest matches. The piece’s stance is achieved … Read more

Crossing Over

By Notable Narratives June 8, 2005

This piece is built around an extraordinary character, an extraordinary setting—Gee’s Bend, Ala.—and tells an extraordinary history. Moehringer’s voice does the subject justice: The voice is at once eloquent and plain, like the language of his protagonist, Mary Lee. The … Read more