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Facing Life With a Lethal Gene

By Notable Narratives March 30, 2007

Katharine Moser asks for a genetic test to determine if she will eventually develop Huntington’s disease. She learns she does carry the gene mutation that caused the death of her grandfather and other relatives. Harmon follows Moser as she struggles … Read more

Head Trip

By Notable Narratives March 28, 2007

Bearak’s use of first person is especially unusual in this piece about Adam Greenberg, a baseball player who, on his first day in the Majors, gets beaned in the head by a ball. Greenberg’s career is set back, perhaps for … Read more

One Spoonful at a Time

By Notable Narratives December 12, 2006

This is a fascinating, moving piece of memoir. We admired the masterly sequencing of the reader’s experience, from evocative scene to background and back to scene. But the background is also plot: Brown the character compulsively gathers information; it’s part … Read more