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Charles Pierce on the lost decade

By Notable Narratives January 6, 2010

In the universe of Charles Pierce, the decade just discarded was not a keeper. It’s hard to argue otherwise, but in the hands of the unerringly unsettling Pierce, the litany of catastrophes—9/11, war, war again, Katrina, and the economic collapse—takes a … Read more

Targeting the Good Cell

By Notable Narratives December 18, 2009

Here’s a narrative challenge: recount a quarter-century of lab experiments conducted by several investigative teams working separately from Kyoto to California. Now make the story urgent and give it a sense of Olympic-level competition that might change the face of medicine. Read more

Lost in the Waves

By Notable Narratives December 4, 2009

What could be more dramatic than the story of a father and son swept nine miles out to sea, floating overnight together and then alone, uncertain of survival? In the November issue of Men’s Journal, Justin Heckert takes a rescue … Read more

The Power of One

By Notable Narratives November 6, 2009

When high school athlete Bonnie Richardson won the Texas Class 1A track team championship all by herself, it was a big deal. Then she did it again the next year. In the September 28 issue of Sports Illustrated, Gary Smith … Read more