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Notable Narratives

A narrative “troika:” direct testimony, news analysis and biographical journalism

November 5, 2019

How the eye-witness testimony of a public servant advanced and enhanced coverage of the Trump Ukraine story in ways journalism alone couldn't

Why's This So Good?

Look at clouds from all sides now ~ before they’re gone

November 1, 2019

A Reuters narrative project takes readers to a weekend with cloudspotters on a wild British island to see climate change with new eyes

5 Questions

Three core story principles, along with tea, baked goods and endless enthusiasm

October 31, 2019

Venerable breaking news site Reuters ventures into narrative journalism with former L.A. Times and Storyboard editor Kari Howard at the helm

Narrative News

The game-changing union of digital innovation and “emotional storytelling”

October 30, 2019

The Power of Storytelling: How the Financial Times is revolutionizing the shape of hard-facts reporting to counter mistrust and foster empathy

Tom Curwen's new boots, size 17AAA, handmade by boot maker Randy Merrell Tom Curwen They say every good narrative is a journey. Los Angeles Times reporter Thomas Curwen starts his by looking down. Literally. Here’s the lede to his unexpected story about… Read More

Narrative News

Mastering the awkward art of the interview

October 25, 2019

The Power of Storytelling: Longform podcaster Max Linsky's five rules for getting people to open up on air

5 Questions

Singular moments, timeless questions

October 22, 2019

Two-time Pulitzer winner Gene Weingarten finds the beating heart at the center of his new book about one ordinary, extraordinary day

Story Craft

From five minutes to finished

October 18, 2019

A writer and physician stumbles into a solution for writing fast and relaxed. Sleep is required.

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Ditching “monkey mind” to find joy while writing

October 16, 2019

Shop Class: An author and meditation guide teaches writers how to get through the "bardo," or stuck places, with mindfulness practice

Story Craft

Relentless research, fevered rewrites, endless edits ~ plus a coat and tie

October 15, 2019

Lessons from biographer Robert Caro's instructive mini-memoir "Working"

5 Questions

Stories that unfold — and pain that is measured — from the ground up

October 9, 2019

A native Alaskan returns home to his Tlingit community, which "Didn't Stand a Chance" against the opioid epidemic