Story Craft

Thoughts on voice: What it is (and isn’t). And how to find yours

November 6, 2018

A panel of writers and editors offer tips on nurturing your authentic writing voice, and modulating it for your story and audience

Annotation Tuesday!

Serendipity brings two men together on the football field, and in the rest of life

November 13, 2018

How Sarah Spain and a team at ESPN reported the amazing true tale of a father and son who found each other without knowing who they were

Why's This So Good?

A brother’s death, written by a sister, channeling their mother’s voice

November 8, 2018

Writer Kitty Sheehan reconstructs the day of her brother's death from her mother's perspective — observed, interviewed and imagined

How do you tell the story of an extremist without allowing your own judgment to cloud your reporting? How do you interview people who are racist or violent, white supremacists or members of terrorist organizations? And why do we tell the stories of the bad guys in the first… Read More

  Editor’s note: This is a lightly edited transcript of Polish journalist and media entrepreneur Zuzanna Ziomecka’s keynote at the 8th edition of The Power of Storytelling conference, held last month in Bucharest, Romania. The conference theme was ‘Rewrite,’ and focused on how good storytelling can change our understanding… Read More

Power of Storytelling 2018, Bucharest, Romania Below is a post offered on Facebook earlier this month as a thank you to speakers and attendees at the 8th Edition of the Power of Storytelling conference in Bucharest, Romania. The note comes from Cristian Lupsa,… Read More

Story Craft

Telling the video story: Scatter visual breadcrumbs, keep the camera steady and shoot from the heart

October 25, 2018

Eric Seals on the secret to successful video: It's about the story, not the gear

One Great Sentence

“How could you have a new country without excellent dreamers?”

October 24, 2018

A character in "The Plover," a novel by Brian Doyle

Notable Narratives

Finding a narrative in “our most urgent national conversation:” the one about guns

October 23, 2018

How three reporters, a national news chain and 21 strangers who met to talk became a 5,000-word tale with character, intimacy, structure and drama

Story Craft

Mic drop? A veteran longform writer trades notebook for headphones, text for sound

October 18, 2018

Cynthia Gorney fumbled with gear and interviews to report her first podcast