EDITOR’S NOTE: This week, Nieman Reports magazine takes an unflinching look at domestic violence, and at the challenges and imperative of covering for what it is: not a “crime of passion” but a global social crisis. The magazine explores how the issue is being covered in… Read More

Why's This So Good?

Romancing the moon in the reality of time

August 15, 2019

Esquire politics blogger Charles P. Pierce shines light on the "historical transcendence" of the moon landing by framing it in a darker context

Why's This So Good?

A tribute to the “beauty and power” of work by novelist Toni Morrison

August 6, 2019

Roy Peter Clark: What I learned about writing from reading Toni Morrison

5 Questions

14 hours from event to post: Delivering narrative with context on deadline

August 6, 2019

Politico Magazine’s Michael Kruse leans on tried-and-true storytelling techniques (and a good editor) to deliver "something else" from a news event

Narrative News

Gems of wisdom: Start writing, read out loud, and send handwritten notes

August 1, 2019

Notes from The Mayborn: A first-timer finds comfort and good advice

Narrative News

Covering failures in the justice system with patience for facts and sensitivity to victims

July 31, 2019

Notes from The Mayborn: Pamela Colloff on how to walk the careful line between journalistic revelation and dramatic exploitation

Narrative News

“Righteous rage” and powerful journalism

July 23, 2019

Notes from The Mayborn: Thoughts from a conversation between Nikole Hannah-Jones and Cheryl W. Thompson about race and courageous storytelling

Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown has gotten a lot of reverse ink in recent weeks — not in stories by her, but about her. Brown is the reporter who spent the last two years dogging the connection… Read More

Why's This So Good?

Stories that beget stories

July 18, 2019

Powerful stories can be found in old photos, obituaries, memory — and little-known, long-ago lives

Why's This So Good?

Haunting old photos — and happenstance — launch a search for answers

July 17, 2019

The research obsession of an investigative reporter, the writing discipline of an editor, and the heart of a father merge to shape a sad, sweet narrative

Digital Storytelling

Unearthing L.A. through a tribal tongue

July 10, 2019

A team at The Los Angeles Times builds a multimedia narrative to explore an almost-lost language, and reimagine the region as it once was

Fifty-one years ago, The Los Angeles Times published the first of what came to be known as “Column One” stories, inspired by a few editors who wanted more than breaking news on the front page. “They wanted something a little unexpected … and… Read More