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Ben Yagoda’s books include “About Town: ’The New Yorker’ and the World It Made;” “How to Not Write Bad;” and “The Art of Fact: A Historical Anthology of Literary Journalism,” which he coedited with Kevin Kerrane. Among his current projects is the blog He taught journalism at the University of Delaware for twenty-five years.

Foreshadow forward; echo back

By Story Craft May 2, 2019

In his “New in Town” standup comedy special, John Mulaney tells how, when he was 10, he was in love with his babysitter, who he thought was much older. But as an adult, he discovered she’d been only 13 at … Read more

The sense of an ending

By Story Craft June 23, 2014

Whether you spell them “ledes” or “leads,” opening lines get a lot of attention. And why wouldn’t they? Sitting at the keyboard, with all the tedious and sometimes annoying reporting done, a writer is spoiled for choice, a world of … Read more