Digital Storytelling

Video essentials, solo production and — of course — camera gear

May 19, 2021

Field Testing - Episode 5: To end the series, Alexander Trowbridge grabbed a clamp and a camera to record a few final thoughts

Digital Storytelling

This mobile editing challenge proves you can produce great video anywhere

May 12, 2021

Field Testing - Episode 4: The go-to tools for editing video don't need to include a fast laptop or big monitor

Digital Storytelling

Everything you need (and more) to shoot great selfie video

May 5, 2021

Field Testing - Episode 3: Building the perfect camera rig that lets you be in — and out of — the story

Digital Storytelling

How to take your journalism to new heights with a drone

April 29, 2021

Field Testing - Episode 2: Drones are small, simple and cinematic — but they also come with a lot of rules and restrictions

Digital Storytelling

What working on a farm taught a journalist about visual storytelling

April 28, 2021

Field Testing - Episode 1: In which our correspondent explains what he's doing in a bean field with a selfie stick

Digital Storytelling

Subjectivity, hugs and craft: Podcasting as extreme narrative journalism

October 8, 2019

The literary journalism movement unleashed by Capote, Didion, Mailer and Wolfe in the 1960s is reinventing itself in a remarkably powerful way

Digital Storytelling

Unearthing L.A. through a tribal tongue

July 10, 2019

A team at The Los Angeles Times builds a multimedia narrative to explore an almost-lost language, and reimagine the region as it once was

Digital Storytelling

Rethinking how we see and understand news — and who frames it

June 7, 2019

As the digital revolution challenges the trustworthiness of visuals, it also inspires diverse and creative ways to portray a truer, more complex story

Digital Storytelling

How The New York Times tracked public data to produce “Killing Khashoggi”

May 9, 2019

A new breed of investigative reporters are tapping into digital surveillance, open-source tools and social media to create powerful video narratives

Digital Storytelling

“74 seconds” that led to a man’s death, a cop’s trial and a 22-episode podcast

April 10, 2019

2019 Power of Narrative: How a Minnesota Public Radio team turned a real-time rolling news into a compelling serial drama

Digital Storytelling

For the love of analog in a digital world

February 6, 2019

Small businesses in a small town join the retro revolution to paper and pen

Digital Storytelling

Sharing a cup of tea with London blogger “The Gentle Author”

April 10, 2018

The writer behind the popular Spitalfields Life blog talks about intimacy, forming a community and a deep love for the East End