Jim Sheeler won the 2006 Pultizer Prize in feature writing for

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A radio producer and print reporters partner on a narrative for multiple platforms

June 2, 2021

"The fundamental building blocks of the story will be your scaffolding," says This American Life producer Robyn Semien

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Ernest Hemingway’s true and lasting writing lessons

May 4, 2021

A new documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick explores the complexity of the man, and the legacy of his work

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Lessons in the purpose of poetic language from a presidential inauguration

January 21, 2021

Writing master Roy Peter Clark reflects on the power of words in politics, and how they mirror the times we live in

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America’s first hip-hop inaugural poem ties history to the present, optimism to urgency

January 21, 2021

Youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman draws on Hamilton, MLK, scripture and slavery to capture and prod America in the moment

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The enduring power of John Hersey’s “Hiroshima”: the first “nonfiction novel”

August 6, 2020

On the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb, Hersey's taut, unflinching story remains a masterpiece of narrative reporting

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How F. Scott Fitzgerald guided the hand and aspirations of a newspaper journalist

June 4, 2020

An editor and writer revisits the lessons she found, as a young reporter, embedded in Fitzgerald's short stories

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The news joins the rituals of mourning

May 28, 2020

A haunting front page and essay in the New York Times is more than a chronicle of the dead in the era of coronavirus

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Four hundred years of harsh history delivered in 8,000 unflinching words

January 17, 2020

Nikole Hannah-Jones anchors "The 1619 Project" in the New York Times with a reported essay that weaves historical events and personal experience

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A narrative “troika:” direct testimony, news analysis and biographical journalism

November 5, 2019

How the eye-witness testimony of a public servant advanced and enhanced coverage of the Trump Ukraine story in ways journalism alone couldn't

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Will this date ever fade?

September 11, 2019

Remembering the day, and the stories we wish never had to be written

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Not just a guilty pleasure: “Game of Thrones” holds essential writing lessons

June 5, 2019

Esteemed writing teacher Roy Peter Clark shares the 12 things he learned (or re-learned) about storytelling from the epic HBO series

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About a bear: The story behind the story of “The Loneliest Polar Bear”

April 19, 2019

How The Oregonian tracked the uncertain fate of an abandoned bear cub and created a multimedia phenomenon that informed other projects