This piece uses narrative elements in shedding light on an irony of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as it gets worked out at one locus, one institution. The piece is narrative in the sense that it’s about “real” people and contains some scene; through these elements it shows subtleties and ironies that otherwise we might miss.

But we think it useful to point out that the piece is more a description of a place than a real story. Imagine, for example, if the narrative were of one doctor’s day, her problem/complication being the challenge of caring for Palestinians in a place funded by a government that caused their injuries. How does she respond to this challenge? Cope with it? We do read Dr. Beeri’s comments on such questions—but we’d have liked to see her actual work, a progression of real events, scenes, with a beginning, middle and end.

Nevertheless, the piece provides valuable insight into a complex place.

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