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Black Hawk Down

By Notable Narratives November 18, 2004

We found the level of action detail in this gruesome series remarkable: Bowden traces what happened when—who got shot where, shrieked, said what, shot whom, with what—with striking clarity. We imagine that spelling out each thread in the bloody narrative … Read more

One Good Thing On Top of Another

By Notable Narratives November 17, 2004

While covering a cookie-stacking contest, Pollak kept asking herself that ever-important question: What and where is the story? So instead of a cutesy, standard piece about a child winning a competition, we get a more quirky and enduring one, in … Read more

Life’s Ups and Downs

By Notable Narratives November 17, 2004

The scale stands at the entrance to the Publix in Hudson, Fla. It catches the attention of passersby; they weigh themselves and react. Through simple reporting—observing people weigh themselves and talking with them about their reactions—DeGregory achieves a surprising richness … Read more

In Her Mother’s Shoes

By Notable Narratives November 16, 2004

This is the last line of the first installment of Bock’s series on AIDS in Africa: “For two days and two nights, while the men tend the fire outside, the women inside will clap and leap and cry, their … Read more