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Reflections on classic stories that endure through time, or on new narratives that expand the possibilities of story work.

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Shaken Survivors Witness Pure Fury

By Notable Narratives July 12, 2006

This piece won an American Society of Newspaper Editors’ Distinguished Writing Award for Deadline Reporting. We admire the friendly, human voice, the determination to find a fresh way to describe the fury of a hurricane, the resultant evocative descriptions. Read more

The Wrong Man

By Notable Narratives July 11, 2006

We found this story difficult to read, for good reason; we squirmed with sympathy for Elias Fishburne, a man who is swept into the criminal justice system in a case of mistaken identity. Jones masterfully builds tension and sorrow for … Read more

Good Intentions

By Notable Narratives July 11, 2006

DeGregory spent four months reporting this story about a 14-year-old girl, Lillie, her newborn son, Thomas, and the woman who takes her in, Amy. DeGregory’s structure is lucid, the scenes intimate. She shows once again her knack for highlighting small, … Read more

The Lord Hath No Mercy

By Notable Narratives July 7, 2006

This piece starts with a news-feature sort of lead, a focusing-in on one boy that is well-wrought and moving. Then comes a long, sweeping history, then a section of first-person reporting. We would have liked a reworking of structure—more of … Read more

Guarding the Truth

By Notable Narratives July 5, 2006

This fascinating piece is part historical narrative, part contemporary profile. From a craft point of view, we were interested in the challenge of portraying Margarete Barthel, the former SS guard, in ways that offer an authoritative "take" yet leave room … Read more

Letting Go: Dylan’s last days

By Notable Narratives June 26, 2006

We admired the balance in this piece of detachment and emotion, of distance and closeness. We appreciated the close attention to telling detail, action, gesture and also the willingness to frame the piece with more sweeping observations. This is not … Read more

The Saboteur and His Son

By Notable Narratives June 22, 2006

This is a story about the power of story and stories: the power of telling them, of withholding them; the weight they bear in families; the power they have to heal, bring resolution. In this story French writes about his … Read more

Crossing America

By Notable Narratives June 15, 2006

What stands out among all the lovely elements in this series is Tizon’s use of the first and second persons. Come join me on a journey, he says. And if you’ve just joined me, let me fill you in. In … Read more