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Reflections on classic stories that endure through time, or on new narratives that expand the possibilities of story work.

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A Husband for Vibha

By Notable Narratives December 2, 2005

This is a lovely series. We like the precision of the writing, the sensible yet sensitive attention to the protagonist’s complicated immigrant life. Persaud writes respectfully and with poise, never over-dramatizing or caricaturing. She weaves into the tale useful and … Read more

If I Die

By Notable Narratives November 28, 2005

This is a courageous series. Sugg looks closely, with compassion and detachment, at a subject that is doubly difficult: death among children. We admired her unflinching yet sensitive examination of one child’s particular death and also her exploration of the … Read more

The Seekers

By Notable Narratives November 22, 2005

Okay, so this series isn’t strictly narrative. It’s an exploration, via deep-thinking scientists, of some of the big questions of human existence. But it uses an important element of narrative—a knowing, amiable voice—to lead us on a fascinating tour—not from … Read more

Count Him In

By Notable Narratives November 22, 2005

This piece goes to show that in skilled hands, a “how I got the story” narrative can beguile readers, making them willing to encounter difficult, and in this case obscure, material. A science narrative is almost always, as here, … Read more

Another Chance at Life

By Notable Narratives November 22, 2005

We like the lead in this piece: It’s got nice detail and foreshadows death. Gurnett then reconstructs her main character’s suicide attempt. We’d like to propose that the piece would be even better if it were even more purely narrative, … Read more

After the Fire

By Notable Narratives November 22, 2005

This piece is the work of a fine storyteller. We admire Fisher’s purposeful movement from one development to another while covering a slew of characters—often probingly, always with sensitivity and attention. She captures and isolates pivotal moments, creating a sequential … Read more