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Reflections on classic stories that endure through time, or on new narratives that expand the possibilities of story work.

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Tough Boots to Fill

By Notable Narratives April 26, 2005

By spending a day with Army recruiters, Moehringer shows us much about the hurdles the Army faces in keeping up with the war in Iraq. At the same time, Moehringer’s engaging, effective portrayals of character make for an entertaining read. Read more

Mint Magnate

By Notable Narratives April 26, 2005

We like to see a profile of an inspiring character that’s also fun and engaging rather than sentimental. We like the casual, affectionate tone of this piece, with its lively scenes, telling detail and pertinent theme. Read “Mint … Read more

Moscow Diary: From Worry to Worse

By Notable Narratives April 22, 2005

McKay’s march of harsh details form a bleak and informative picture. She writes in a frank, detached tone, with strong verbs and tight sentences. She shows that intimate reporting can reveal economic and social trends. Her ending, in which she … Read more

Danger from Above

By Notable Narratives April 4, 2005

Ana Flores was walking with her three-year-old daughter in downtown Chicago when a piece of window glass got loose from a building, fell and killed Ana. Kiernan writes about the incident with clean and active sentences. We admired her reconstruction … Read more

Kidnapping Grandma Braun

By Notable Narratives April 4, 2005

This is an efficient, well-paced and engaging series about the kidnapping of an 88-year-old woman. It’s a crime tale, classic in its what’s-gonna-happen-next unfolding. It’s plot-driven—this is not a piece with in-depth character development—but that’s to be expected in a … Read more

Ballouville: Poverty With a View

By Notable Narratives March 29, 2005

This piece originally appeared in The Harford Courant. The nonfiction journal River Teeth published a reprint. It’s an intimate portrayal of individuals living in a pocket of poverty in wealthy Connecticut. We appreciate its skillful mix of good story and … Read more

Last Chance High

By Notable Narratives March 22, 2005

This is a six-part series about an alternative school for struggling kids in Essex County, N.J. The piece gets close to kids whom others might dismiss—just as the school does. It’s an effective and affecting account. We notice the structure: … Read more

Route to Independence

By Notable Narratives March 16, 2005

Mark Sheppard is an ordinary guy who took a job that he felt was his calling: He helps people—most of them with special needs—learn how to navigate their world by bus. DeGregory has a knack for portraying character … Read more

Desperately Seeking Dick Cheney

By Notable Narratives March 15, 2005

Dick Cheney’s 2004 campaign has denied Lyman a seat on Air Force Two, so he hopscotches around the country by commercial plane, trying to keep up. It’s a case in which writing a how-I-got-the-story story can work—and in this case, … Read more