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A reporter explores the laws and emotion involved in helping her father die

June 8, 2022

Bloomberg investigative reporter Esmé Deprez researched a range of death-with-dignity issues after becoming her father's end-of-life partner

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Lauren Hough goes on a hunt for Bonnie and Clyde and her Grandpa Chuck

May 25, 2022

A celebrated memoirist returns to her native Texas on a quest to determine if her family stories were true

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Viewing the COVID divide through tensions in one rural community

February 8, 2022

AP reporter Tim Sullivan found a small town on the Minnesota prairie to explore the political chasms exposed by COVID

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An Atlantic writer turned a fatal blow into a sensitive study of boxing, guilt and grit

January 18, 2022

Jacob Stern knew nothing about boxing when he set out to ask a painful question: How can a boxer who killed an opponent return to the ring?

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How Rachel Aviv of The New Yorker exposed the “troubled teen industry”

January 6, 2022

Aviv scoured court records, social media and personal journals to reveal the abuses of a system of unregulated Christian boarding schools

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A profile of one family divided by vaccine politics reflects the divide of a nation

November 23, 2021

Peter Jamison of The Washington Post immerses into the emotional chasm of a family struggling with divergent views and a sudden death

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Immersing into the lives of children damaged by gun violence, and laws that don’t stop it

November 5, 2021

John Woodrow Cox of The Washington Post talks to kids like an adult, sits on their bedroom floors, and doesn't push until they're OK with him

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How to turn a theme and 900 words into sense-of-place poetry

October 6, 2021

Kim Cross used smart pre-reporting, creative hustle and a night on a trampoline to find freedom in a reported essay about freedom

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Lane DeGregory: Intimate access to a Florida COVID-19 ward, with conditions

September 30, 2021

The Pulitzer Prize winning reporter spent 18 months asking for access, 12 hours inside, and four days to deliver a take-you-there story

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The New Yorker explores a dilemma in Ultra-Orthodox divorce: What about the children?

September 21, 2021

Writer Larissa MacFarquhar is drawn to stories that help her sort out issues that have no clear solutions

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Reporting through privacy and pain to expose the scandal of Black amputations

September 15, 2021

National Magazine Award winner Lizzie Presser documents the discrimination that leaves Black diabetes patients without easy and affordable care

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An editor annotates her own column from 20 years ago about Sept. 11

September 14, 2021

Now an editor at The Washington Post, Lisa Grace Lednicer critiques an emotional essay she wrote at The Oregonian in the wake of 9/11