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A reporting team trekked back 50 years to explore an unsolved climbing mystery

February 6, 2024

In "Ghosts on the Glacier," John Branch and a New York Times multi-media team tell a tale with echoes of the 2012 Pulitzer-winning project "Snow Fall"

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How an arts reporter unraveled a controversial and opaque family art dynasty

January 24, 2024

Rachel Corbett hunted back through generations of art deals, international laws and tax havens to explore suspicions about a family's hidden fortune

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How a business reporter approached a story about sex-content influencers

January 17, 2024

Drew Harwell peeked behind the screen of OnlyFans, a social media sex site, for The Washington Post's "creator economy" series

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Reporting past the black-and-white politics of school book bans

December 6, 2023

Education reporter Hannah Natanson profiled a teacher facing a divided classroom as part of the Washington Post's "School Book Wars" series

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Peek inside a successful book proposal

November 17, 2023

Author Kim Cross annotates the lengthy proposal that landed a contract for the book that revisits the 1993 Polly Klaas kidnapping

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Embedded war reporting with courage and common sense

September 28, 2023

"Your eyes and ears and nose should be wide open the whole time." ~ Luke Mogelson of The New Yorker on reporting from the front lines

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A revealing profile of a family that defied their faith’s edict on home schooling

September 14, 2023

"You keep showing up, you keep watching and listening, and you hope that you observe something interesting." ~ Peter Jamison, Washington Post

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How a reporter documented the failure of “failure-to-protect” laws

July 19, 2023

Samantha Michaels of Mother Jones followed the story of a woman given harsher punishment than the man who abused her daughter — and her

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A collaboration through nine months, 14,000 words, 36 chapters and a “leap of faith”

July 14, 2023

‘We were taking a big leap of faith and trusting readers to be able to figure it out themselves,’ says investigative reporter Raquel Rutledge

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When a migrant story trail goes cold, fresh reporting finds a deeper truth

July 6, 2023

British journalist Samira Shackle likes to revisit incomplete social-issues news that is hyped, spun and incomplete to learn what really happened

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Finding the “bigger and higher purpose” to cover transgender issues and suicide

June 15, 2023

William Wan of The Washington Post wove a braided profile a state lawmaker and her late son in their battle against anti-trans laws

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Reconstructing a murky maze of blame

June 1, 2023

Lauren Smiley of Wired spent four years tracking the first pedestrian fatality involving a bicyclist, Uber and a self-driving car