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Reconstructing a murky maze of blame

June 1, 2023

Lauren Smiley of Wired spent four years tracking the first pedestrian fatality involving a bicyclist, Uber and a self-driving car

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When a reporter is slain, another picks up the story

May 24, 2023

The Washington Post sent Lizzie Johnson to Las Vegas to continue an investigation started by Review-Journal reporter Jeff German

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‘Good versus good’ stories that unravel complex societal problems

March 10, 2023

New Yorker writer Nathan Heller follows a year of change in one San Francisco high school in which there was no clear right or wrong

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Reconstructing a fractured life and broken system

March 2, 2023

L.A. Times reporter Thomas Curwen traced the life of one schizophrenia sufferer to tell a bigger story of society's challenges with mental health

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Jon Mooallem’s narrative on the Camp Fire: “The value is in the telling”

February 16, 2023

The experienced author and magazine writer takes on the aftermath of California's biggest wildfire with insecurity and empathy

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Spending time to report a meditation on the long tail of grief

January 26, 2023

A team from The New York Times immersed itself in Uvalde, Texas, after the "media horde" left and showed the fuller horror of a mass shooting

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A profile of a single mom trying to raise a “good man” balances transparency and privacy

January 19, 2023

Jose A. Del Real delivers a range of straightforward but sensitive stories in The Washington Post series about "Masculinity in America"

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Hearing stories from behind the burqa

September 30, 2022

New Yorker writer Anand Gopal worked through layers of sources to enter the veiled world of Afghan women under Taliban rule

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The Pitch: Landing a “definitive narrative” in The Atavist Magazine

August 18, 2022

Editor Seyward Darby: "I definitely want people who are willing to strip a story down to its basics and figure out how to build it back up." 

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How Rolling Stone revisited a mass tragedy to ‘humanize the horrendous’

July 26, 2022

After the Florida condo collapse, Matt Sullivan vowed not to forget a teen survivor. The year-later profile has credibility, empathy and a haunting ending

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Shaping a historic narrative: The Jan. 6 hearings as story craft

July 21, 2022

The public hearings of the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol draw on core narrative elements

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A reporter explores the laws and emotion involved in helping her father die

June 8, 2022

Bloomberg investigative reporter Esmé Deprez researched a range of death-with-dignity issues after becoming her father's end-of-life partner