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EDITOR’S NOTE: This week, Nieman Reports magazine takes an unflinching look at domestic violence, and at the challenges and imperative of covering for what it is: not a “crime of passion” but a global social crisis. The magazine explores how the issue is being covered in… Read More

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Beyond Boko Haram: Pictures from Nigeria

June 7, 2018

Photojournalist Rahima Gambo invited schoolgirls to collaborate with her to create images reflecting intimate moments of joy and playfulness that challenge our perceptions of victimhood and war

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What Journalists Need to Know About Writing Screenplays

February 28, 2018

Narrative writers on the similarities—and crucial differences—between journalism and screenwriting

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The making of binge-worthy serial narratives, from “S-Town” to “Framed”

April 4, 2017

Podcasts and print alike are reinvigorating a form of storytelling that Dickens and Homer used to hook readers: "to be continued..."

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Shifting the Focus

November 10, 2016

Short, powerful documentaries are on the rise as news outlets compete for hearts and minds

As the 1960s came to an end, America was on the brink of a revolution, with the ascendant counterculture challenging nearly every aspect of American society at home while the Vietnam War continued to wage on abroad. Clara Bingham recounts the turbulent time in “Witness to the Revolution: Radicals, Resisters,… Read More

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The Power of Oral History as Journalism

May 5, 2016

First-person reports about Bill Cosby and Chernobyl bring new attention to an old form of storytelling

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Journalism and Art: Complementary and Collaborative Storytelling

March 28, 2016

As journalists use art to bring stories off the page, artists adopt reporting techniques to address social issues

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Harnessing the Power of Video Games for Journalism

January 11, 2016

News-based games have tremendous storytelling potential. So why aren’t more news outlets making them?

E.L. Doctorow’s short-lived reporting career started (and ended) with a journalism course in high school, when one of his assignments was about to run in the school paper. A lively, detailed interview with a Carnegie Hall doorman, the story got taken off the budget when the future novelist’s scruples got… Read More

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The Narrative Appeal of Documentary Theater

July 29, 2015

Why journalists are turning to playwriting to express the 'dramatic truth' at the heart of their stories

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Exploring the Rise of Live Journalism

May 7, 2015

Walking tours, workshops, and other live events bring narrative reporting and writing from the page to the stage