A mythical kraken

One Great Moment

Divining the “fantastical sea creatures” on the political horizon

March 23, 2023

New York Times chief political analyst Nate Cohn on the possibilities of indictments against Donald J. Trump

One Great Moment

“…cutting the viewer to the bone.”

March 7, 2023

Film critic Matt Zoller Seitz on actor Tom Sizemore

By Jacqui Banaszynski As I read Celeste Ng’s most recent novel, I couldn’t help but think of George Orwell’s “1984” or Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale.” Nor could I avoid echoes to discordant times in real life in recent years. Novelist Celeste Ng… Read More

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“… how the persons with jobs do the jobs and all the living as well.”

February 1, 2023

From the novel "Room" buy Emma Donoghue, which is written entirely in the voice and perspective of a 5-year-old boy

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“Sleep will not come for her…”

January 12, 2023

From the novel "The Marriage Portrait" by Maggie O'Farrell

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” … a slab of muscle with Olympic speed.”

November 11, 2022

Tommy Tomlinson on Herschel Walker in his football prime

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“…Baldwin when you’re stuck. …Coltrane when you’re not.”

October 19, 2022

President Barack Obama's advice to speechwriter Cody Keenan

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“… the Jenga tower simply will not collapse.”

June 30, 2022

From the dissenting opinion to the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding Dobbs v. Jackson

One Great Moment

“… anything can happen in a war.”

March 16, 2022

From the 1961 movie "The Guns of Navarone"

If this seems dated (it’s inspired by a Christmas movie, after all), consider this: The best of stories are, or should be, universal and timeless. And thus a breath-catching moment early in the recent season’s Netflix movie, “A Boy Called Christmas.”  I’ve tucked it in my… Read More

One Great Moment

“… sequestered neighborhoods and old hates that die hard or leave a residue …”

December 17, 2021

The character Tookie, in Louise Erdrich's novel "The Sentence"