Why's This So Good?

What the “Insect Apocalypse” reveals about faulty human memory

February 19, 2019

Brooke Jarvis takes windshield wipers to environmental blindness

Why's This So Good?

Yes, everyone, there is a reason to believe …

December 25, 2018

From one crusty newspaperman in 19th century to another in the 21st, the "Yes, Virginia" letter endures, transcending time and cynicism

Why's This So Good?

When syncopation rocks a nation: “Hamilton” enthralls fifth-graders (and parents) with a rockin’ story of history

November 28, 2018

Shop class: What the hit musical teaches about the art and reach of narrative

Why's This So Good?

Eulogy for Paradise: A breaking news story framed as the profile and history of a town

November 15, 2018

Lizzie Johnson of the San Francisco Chronicle dared a different route to a dramatic fire story

Why's This So Good?

A brother’s death, written by a sister, channeling their mother’s voice

November 8, 2018

Writer Kitty Sheehan reconstructs the day of her brother's death from her mother's perspective — observed, interviewed and imagined

Why's This So Good?

How a Rubik’s cube helped a father understand the puzzle of his son

September 28, 2018

New York Times sports reporter John Branch explores competitive "speedcubing," where awkward outsiders find a home

Why's This So Good?

An alligator attack sparks a Facebook attack – and an invitation to reconsider meanness

September 13, 2018

After a woman drowns saving her dog from an alligator, a reporter sits on a nearby bench and poses a challenge to the trolls who would shame her

Why's This So Good?

Rebecca Solnit’s long and winding road through the tangled tale of politics

September 4, 2018

Shop Class: Matching sentence structure to story tone and purpose

Why's This So Good?

Shadows cast on the love of a game

July 3, 2018

How the profile of a sweet sport led to news scoops and a dark mystery, and how the mystery drove a narrative

Why's This So Good?

It came from the sewers of London: the utterly disgusting (yet fascinating) fatberg

April 12, 2018

In The New York Times Magazine's quirky "Letter of Recommendation" column, Nicola Twilley examines the charms of a monstrous subterranean clot formed by the detritus of a genteel city

Why's This So Good?

Katharine Seelye and “Life on an Island: Silence, Beauty and a Long Wait for the Ferry”

March 20, 2018

In a lyrical New York Times story that resonated with readers, the writer juxtaposes the hardship and the loveliness of winter on a remote Maine island

Why's This So Good?

Eva Holland and “Get Schooled in the No-Nonsense Art of Survival”

March 15, 2018

Writing for Outside magazine on an "Extreme Polar" camp, she decides to focus on fun -- and wonder -- instead of macho explorer suffering