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Journalist and author Andrea Pitzer.

Andrea Pitzer is the author of three books of narrative nonfiction that explore untold histories. She was the editor of Nieman Storyboard from 2009-2012,

Interview with Ed Kashi: Taking it beyond the media

By Digital Storytelling September 3, 2009

We talked with photojournalist Ed Kashi about visual storytelling, advocacy journalism, and his photo series on Trans Amadi Slaughter, an abattoir on the Niger Delta. Q: At the Digest, we’ve talked about whether a series of photos needs to work the same way as a print story: a character, a conflict, rising tension, climax, resolution. Do you think a photo montage or a slide show functions by the same rules? Or does it have a different narrative structure? A: I think it can go both ways. The beauty or the exciting aspect of multimedia is that we can try new things. It seems like some proponents are saying there’s only one way to tell a narrative: the beginning, the middle, transformation, and the end. There’s nothing wrong with classic modes of storytelling. They’re effective, and they’ll continue to be effective. There’s a reason they work. Read full interview ... Read more

Escape from North Korea

By Notable Narratives August 21, 2009

In our second Notable Narrative for August, North Korean defectors ride a train 2,000 miles across China in an effort to make their way to South Korea. National Geographic’s Tom O’Neill accompanies them and then explores what escape means … Read more

The Disposable Superstar

By Notable Narratives July 24, 2009

After playing for six teams in five years, NBA star Chauncey Billups had a reputation as a prodigy who didn’t pan out. “The Disposable Superstar,” our latest Notable Narrative, is the story of how a gifted player set out to reinvent himself. Read more