Jim Sheeler won the 2006 Pultizer Prize in feature writing for

Story Craft

How listening to foreign languages can enrich your writing

September 17, 2021

An author and essayist listens to stories in in their native tongues to hear new rhythms, phrasing and metaphor

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A 9/11 survival story: Honoring accuracy and voice in eyewitness accounts

September 9, 2021

Writing scholar Roy Peter Clark reprises a cousin's escape story, and finds lessons for writers who help people recount personal stories

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From Sept. 11 to COVID: Using the personal to write the global

September 8, 2021

Memoirs of universal events require a intimate details, personal exploration and respect for facts 

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A panoramic approach to a book about the Sept. 11 boat lift

September 7, 2021

Author Jessica DuLong considered pointillism and reader needs to tell the sweeping story of the largest maritime rescue in history

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Pitching ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network: Focus on sources and impact

August 17, 2021

"Why does this story need to be told here, in this community? And why does this story need to be told now?" says ProPublica’s managing editor for local

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#6 rule of pitching: Stay focused

July 8, 2021

A good pitch is not a scattershot, but a clearly stated central idea or question that is fresh, relevant, and a fit for the publication

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Sage writing advice from the editor of Column One

June 9, 2021

Steve Padilla of the Los Angeles Times urges writers to tune up their writing with song

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#5 rule of pitching: Make it sparkle

May 28, 2021

Don't lose an interesting idea in a boring pitch

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How narrative moments can elevate a non-narrative story

May 11, 2021

Little gems of character, dialogue, description and scene make a complex explanatory piece more compelling

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An award-winning food writer explores the legacy of sexual identity in the food world

March 9, 2021

A profile of the late San Francisco chef Elka Gilmore shows the work it took to highlight her pioneering role as both chef and gay female in a male world

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Who, How and Why? What we can learn from an interview with the Super Bowl streaker

February 12, 2021

Lane DeGregory of the Tampa Bay Times follows her curiosity to find the scamp who interrupted the Super Bowl

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Jumpstart your writing routine: coffee, journals, sketches and postcards

February 4, 2021

A science freelancer works her way out of COVID malaise with morning writing rituals