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Honor due reporter, editor and Nieman curator Robert H. Giles, 1933-2023

August 17, 2023

The journalist's career shepherded coverage through the Vietnam War, civil rights, gay and women's rights, and a changing newspaper industry

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The future of journalism in very good hands

June 22, 2023

Journalism students at Ida B. Wells High School in Portland, Oregon, have passion, purpose and skills inspired by a long-time teacher

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A new best-of collection of audio storytelling honors narrative podcasting

April 19, 2023

Julia Barton turned her public radio career to the development of story podcasts and now revives the Storyboard series "Audio Danger"

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A guide to clear writing in tangled times

March 31, 2023

Writing scholar and guru coach Roy Peter Clark captures his best writing advice for "public writers" who have to report messy civic news

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Ukraine coverage: The press rises to cover a grinding war

February 23, 2023

One year into Russian President Putin's invasion of Ukraine, journalists deliver a range of stories that reach past compassion fatigue with the best of craft

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Courage and empathy: Winners of the 2023 American Mosaic Journalism Prize

February 17, 2023

Cerise Castle faced threats to expose gangs inside the LA County Sheriff Department; Carvell Wallace seeks stories of justice, liberation and humanity

The 2022 National Book Awards were announced this week. I expect I am not alone in adding the winners in fiction and nonfiction to my wish list and handing it, not very discreetly, to my gift-giver-in-residence. Come late December, I hope to have the winners —… Read More

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How the WriterL came to be: The origin story of a narrative community

November 4, 2022

Award-winning newspaper journalist Stuart Warner helped archive WriterL discussions as a "family album" of a special time

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WriterL, the book: A “greatest hits” collection of narrative discussions

November 3, 2022

A nonfiction author revisits the conversations of a hopeful narrative era and finds lessons that endure

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The Mayborn is back! In person and online

July 20, 2022

Save the dates, register and enter your work: One of America's premier narrative journalism conferences is returning at a new venue

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A tribute to the consummate reporter/writer: Francis X. Clines

July 14, 2022

Writing coach and scholar Roy Peter Clark offers memories and wisdom gleaned from the career and clips of a consummate newsman and storyteller

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A “story-keeping” project helps people heal

May 12, 2022

A hospice uses stories as a way to help patients prepare for death and to bridge divisions in society