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From city hall scoops to breaking news to profiles to narratives

May 6, 2021

Lizzie Johnson's work at the San Francisco Chronicle has earned her awards and book contracts and, now, a job at The Washington Post

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Taking the “student” out of student journalist

April 15, 2021

A Salem, Oregon, school board apologized to the high school newspaper editor for criticizing work it deemed "too political"

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Two anti-racist scholars and writers take on the cultural limits of “objectivity”

April 7, 2021

In a final conversation at The Power of Narrative conference, Jelani Cobb and Ibram X. Kendi argue that narrative should be used to convey fuller truths

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Shout-out to 2021 News Leaders Association winners

April 6, 2021

And some reflections on awards as markers of journalistic history and the aspirations of narrative nonfiction

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Chipping away at the opacity of power with David Fahrenthold

April 1, 2021

At the BU Power of Narrative conference, Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold urged small disciplines that can yield big stories

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How to determine your own fate and income as a freelancer

March 31, 2021

At BU's The Power of Narrative conference, two Seattle writers share tips from their successful approach to the business of freelancing

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The power and purpose of a writer’s voice

March 30, 2021

The founding director of the BU Power of Narrative conference details the most important step you can take towards narrative journalism

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How covering prep sports in retirement led to a spot on “60 Minutes”

March 26, 2021

Sports hall-of-famer Dave Kindred went back to his roots and found new purpose and new acclaim

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Journalist Angel Jennings on being in the community and bringing yourself to stories

March 25, 2021

At the BU Power of Narrative conference, Angel Jennings of The Los Angeles Times talks about drawing on personal experiences to guide more authentic reporting

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Roy Peter Clark on productive writing through a pandemic year

March 24, 2021

From The Power of Narrative conference: Writing coach Roy Peter Clark finds that his tried-and-true habits kept him focused during the distraction of COVID

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The Power of Narrative: Non-fiction narrative in challenging times

March 23, 2021

A keynote conversation from the annual conference, hosted by Boston University, which went virtual to a record crowd

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An emotional award for Sally Jenkins after a lifetime of awards

March 17, 2021

The Washington Post sports journalist is named the 2021 Red Smith Award winner, following in the footsteps of her father