A Syrian boy shouts slogans against the Assad regime in front of a flag of the armed Islamic opposition group the Nusra Front during a demonstration in Aleppo in 2012.

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The unexpected benefits of a springtime blizzard: reading a book by candlelight

March 17, 2017

A weekly roundup of some favorite things, for your reading and listening pleasure

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Notable Narrative: Daniel Miller and the Los Angeles Times’ “Selling Stardom”

March 16, 2017

The show business reporter takes a walk on the seamier side of Hollywood, and meets a lot of wannabes with broken dreams (plus an agent who breaks down in front of him)

Why is it great? Have you ever read a book and found it hard to get over a terrible first line? You want to move on, and the other 100,000 sentences in the book may … Read more

5 Questions

5(ish) Questions: Diarmid Mogg and the crazy-compelling “Small Town Noir”

March 14, 2017

The Scotsman's website is a rabbit hole of midcentury mug shots and the stories of the everyday people of a Pennsylvania town at probably the worst moment in their lives

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Let’s hear it for women writers like Dorothy Parker and Zadie Smith the *other* 364 days

March 10, 2017

A weekly roundup of some favorite things, for your reading and listening pleasure

Why is it great? With this opening line to her famous short story, Parker does so many things: She gives us an image of Hazel that’s Kodachrome clear: I can almost hear the old-fashioned pop … Read more

5 Questions

5(ish) Questions: Jesse Lenz and The Collective Quarterly magazine

March 9, 2017

The co-founder of the "slow journalism" publication says its aim is to create an outlet for journalists who are willing take time with a story and “show genuine interest in another human being"

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Notable Narrative: Bernt Jakob Oksnes and “The Baby in the Plastic Bag”

March 7, 2017

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet bucked the short-attention-span trend by committing to a nine-part serial -- and it paid off both in readers and a powerful narrative about an infant left for dead

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The politics of language, from terrorists vs. freedom fighters to “carnage” in Chicago

March 3, 2017

A weekly roundup of some favorite things, for your reading and listening pleasure

5 Questions

5(ish) Questions: Latino USA producer Marlon Bishop on the backstory of the NPR show’s most downloaded episode ever

March 2, 2017

A show that was more than a year in the making about the controversial prisoner Oscar López Rivera scored journalism gold, coming out just days after the Puerto Rican was freed

This vivid, funny, terrific sentence could have been drawn from Lewis Carroll, but it’s from the middle of a deadline story on the frustrations of two “peace commissions” that were unable to keep the peace in Vietnam.  The … Read more

Annotation Tuesday!

Annotation Tuesday! Christopher Solomon and “The Detective of Northern Oddities”

February 28, 2017

For his piece in Outside magazine, the writer talks about the trickiness of reporting on climate change and the importance of pacing: "readers can feel when the story loses its sense of the music, its forward progress"