Editor’s note: This month, we bring you brief reminders from pros around the world about what or who helped them forward in their careers.

I am grateful for Chuck Cicconetti, the managing editor of The Daily Record when I got my first reporting job back in 1998. He hired me to work in the newsroom, covering health and religion, but I told him when I was hired that I wanted to move to sports as soon as a spot opened up. He conveniently didn’t tell me there was an opening in sports in early 1999 until they had already filled the position, because he wanted me in the newsroom.

I was so mad at the time, but the more I look back on it, the more I’m thankful that he did what he did. He set me on the path I would take, as a news and features reporter who evolved into a journalism professor, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Matt Tullis ~ journalism professor, book author, podcaster

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