Editor’s note: This month, we bring you brief reminders from pros around the world about what or who helped them forward in their careers. (And full disclosure: I’m one of those people who has a thing about pictures of spiders and snakes, so I erred on an image of a green eyeshade, symbol of copy editors back in the day when we revered copy editors, even as we were cursing them.)

I’m thankful for copy editors who save my butt regularly.

I’m thankful for editors who trust writers when they say things like I want to write a story about tarantula mating, but in the style of a dating profile. Thanks!

I’m also thankful for teachers and mentors and coaches who help us all see the potential in our writing and the benefit to stretch ourselves.

Kate Gammon ~ freelance writer

(ps: I guess what I mean is I’m thankful for editors who see the larger narrative in small science stories — and let writers pursue those bigger arcs.)

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