This round of selections shows the diversity of visual storytelling, from drawings to documentary and interactive immersion. Whether it’s kinetic camera work or the power of a single subject, each of these projects offers some aspect worth swiping. Happy viewing!

Cannonball,” a short film from California Is a Place. In the midst of economic turmoil, skateboarders take over pools on foreclosed properties.

Prison Valley,” a Web documentary from Upian, David Dufresne, Philippe Brault and ARTE, a European cultural channel (via Interactive Narratives). In this look at Cañon City, Colo., a longtime hub of the prison industry, ominous voiceovers evoke crime dramas, as if something terrible might happen at any moment. Then you realize in a town that lives off prisons, it already did.

The Korean War: Not Forgotten,” a multimedia project from The Virginian-Pilot (via Interactive Narratives). A timeline of the conflict provides context as veterans share their war experiences. “And the last night of the war, there was fighting all night. The Chinese and the North Koreans just flew thousands and thousands of soldiers into the battle.”

Take Care,” a short film from Gillian Laub, produced by Eric Maierson (via MediaStorm). Virginia Gandee, a 22-year-old living in Staten Island, New York, has a 5-year-old daughter and a dying grandfather, and dreams of becoming a nurse. Gorgeous visuals.

Cartoons after Southampton ban photographers from Argyle match,” drawings from This Is Plymouth via MetaFilter. A football team bans photographers in an effort to corner the market on images from their games, so an artist picks up his sketchpad. Similarly unexpected images form the basis for “Red Eye,” a pictorial account of an airplane flight by Christoph Niemann, from The New York Times.

And on the lighter side, “Scene In” from Alexandra Garcia and Nick Kilpatrick of The Washington Post (from this year’s American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors multimedia prize winners). Easter Sunday outfits? Check. Gold Cup finery? Check. Local club scenesters? Yup. A series of beautifully shot and edited fashion spot-checks from greater D.C.-area neighborhoods and events.

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