This year’s International Association for Literary Journalism Studies* started today in Paris, and you can follow along via #IALJS9 or watch the events live. The full conference program is here. Ten recommended panels or presentations:

“Hearing Their Voices: How Multimedia Changes the Story,” by Jim Sheeler, Case Western Reserve University.

“Mutant Journalism: How Other Genres Evolve into Literary Journalism,” by Jeff Sharlet, of Dartmouth.

“Ryszard Kapuscinski, Photojournalist,” by Sheila Skaff, Columbia University.

“Functional Deceleration: Aims and Effects of Journalistic Storytelling in the Digital Age,” by Tobias Eberwein, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany.

“Zora Neale Hurston and the Ruby McCollum Trial,” by Roberta S. Maguire, University of Wisconsin.

“Long in the Time of Short: The Rise of Digital Storytelling Platforms and Literary Journalism Curation,” by Josh Roiland, University of Notre Dame.

“‘What Is It Like to Be One of These People?’: Narrative Strategies for Constructing Empathy in Reportage,” by Cecilia Aare, Södertörn University, Sweden.

“Discovering Narrative: A Cultural History of Journalistic Storytelling,” by Thomas Schmidt, University of Oregon.

“Case Study in the New Narrative: The Arab Spring Awakening Project,” by Cathy Yungmann, Cabrini College.

“Literary Journalism and Storytelling: Kinship and Conflicts. Identifying Strategies to Develop Multimedia Narratives,” by Rebecca Taylor, Sienna College.

*Thanks to the IALJ for the kind invitation to present at this year’s conference. We’re sorry Storyboard couldn’t make it. 

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