Romanian orphans pass away their hours without toys at Bucharest's Number One Orphanage in Bucharest, Romania, February 14, 1991. Many of Romania's approximate 100,000 orphans found homes with foreign adopting parents in the 1980s and '90s, but the government tightened up adoption rules to stop profiteering baby traders. Over the years, many adoptive families faced serious challenges with children who were unable to adjust.

Short Takes

Reading (Stephen King) to learn to write

June 3, 2020

A "starter's guide" to the king of terror, from the New York Times, is a reminder that learning happens in many forms

Short Takes

Gratitude Notes (#22): Carved ducks and coffee

December 24, 2019

How the New Yorker's Paige Williams makes it work

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Gratitude Notes (#21): Open doors and open notebooks

December 23, 2019

A brief note from Jill U. Adams, science journalist.

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Gratitude Notes (#20): The mastery behind the magic

December 22, 2019

This note comes from Chip Scanlan, freelance writer, author and story coach.

Short Takes

Gratitude Notes (#19): A lifeline from the wild

December 20, 2019

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