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Ballouville: Poverty With a View

By Notable Narratives March 29, 2005

This piece originally appeared in The Harford Courant. The nonfiction journal River Teeth published a reprint. It’s an intimate portrayal of individuals living in a pocket of poverty in wealthy Connecticut. We appreciate its skillful mix of good story and … Read more

Last Chance High

By Notable Narratives March 22, 2005

This is a six-part series about an alternative school for struggling kids in Essex County, N.J. The piece gets close to kids whom others might dismiss—just as the school does. It’s an effective and affecting account. We notice the structure: … Read more

Route to Independence

By Notable Narratives March 16, 2005

Mark Sheppard is an ordinary guy who took a job that he felt was his calling: He helps people—most of them with special needs—learn how to navigate their world by bus. DeGregory has a knack for portraying character … Read more

Desperately Seeking Dick Cheney

By Notable Narratives March 15, 2005

Dick Cheney’s 2004 campaign has denied Lyman a seat on Air Force Two, so he hopscotches around the country by commercial plane, trying to keep up. It’s a case in which writing a how-I-got-the-story story can work—and in this case, … Read more

Choosing Naia

By Notable Narratives March 15, 2005

This six-part narrative is now a classic, instructive for its solid structure, rounded characters and close reporting. Notice the ways that Zuckoff weaves medical background and the details of Naia’s case into the narrative. He also reports finely, choosing pertinent … Read more

Storm Gods and Heroes

By Notable Narratives March 10, 2005

How did Lewan make this piece so compelling? Of course, the event is made for narrative. But notice how it’s told: the relentlessly active verbs—the ship teeters and plunges, the water sloshes, the windspeed spikes—the vivid detail, strong pace and … Read more

Countdown to Landfall

By Notable Narratives March 10, 2005

When Bill Adair e-mailed us this piece, he wrote, “It’s an instant narrative. Just add water.” The action, tension, suspense—they’re ready-made. We notice the effective use of team reporting, which enables the reader to be in many places at once. Read more

Act One: A Storm Gathers

By Notable Narratives March 10, 2005

How many leads can you think of that focus on smell? We admire the first seven paragraphs of this piece. They’re evocative, authoritative and efficient. Kiernan told an audience at the 2003 Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism that she did … Read more

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