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Learning Their Lessons

By Notable Narratives March 30, 2007

Here’s what Sandoval e-mailed us about this story: “Most young journalists believe they have to spend six months or so to publish a quality narrative piece. But that’s not always the case. While this was not a daily narrative, I … Read more

Facing Life With a Lethal Gene

By Notable Narratives March 30, 2007

Katharine Moser asks for a genetic test to determine if she will eventually develop Huntington’s disease. She learns she does carry the gene mutation that caused the death of her grandfather and other relatives. Harmon follows Moser as she struggles … Read more

A People Torn: Cleo’s Story

By Notable Narratives March 30, 2007

Schmickle and the project’s editor, Laurie Hertzel, wrote us the following comments on this project: Sharon Schmickle: Two years ago, I began hearing that several thousand Liberians had arrived recently in Minnesota bearing tales and trauma from their West African … Read more

Head Trip

By Notable Narratives March 28, 2007

Bearak’s use of first person is especially unusual in this piece about Adam Greenberg, a baseball player who, on his first day in the Majors, gets beaned in the head by a ball. Greenberg’s career is set back, perhaps for … Read more

Silent Inferno

By Notable Narratives March 28, 2007

This account of the 2006 California heat wave that killed 138 people cruises on the drama of the event, focusing on one man who died soon after driving his tractor in a farm field in 110-degree heat. The piece also … Read more

The Light Within

By Notable Narratives March 28, 2007

Our “mawkishness meter” went pretty high on this story, but we’re curmudgeons. It’s an effective, intimate story of devotion and faith. The two-part series was published on Christmas eve and morning. Manry says she and her editor, Scott North, imagined … Read more

The Big Game

By Notable Narratives March 15, 2007

This series was written and reported by Kevin Van Valkenburg and Lem Satterfield. It follows a cast of characters through a football season, focusing on one central game. It explores the ways that football provides opportunities for the best players … Read more

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