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In Wildfire’s Way

By Notable Narratives December 27, 2005

This piece is plot-driven, yet builds character, as it illuminates conflicts created by human encroachment into fire-prone areas. The piece offers both adventure and context. With skillful asides, Foster alludes well to some of the “backstories” of the American West: … Read more

Small Town Justice

By Notable Narratives December 27, 2005

This story provides facts, reveals wrongs, while weaving a good tale and involving the reader in the lives of its characters. In the words of the piece’s editor, Bruce DeSilva: “In telling the story, we disdained the usual term-paper-indictment approach … Read more

A Wicked Wind

By Notable Narratives December 21, 2005

This is a narrative measured out in minutes. It is precisely and, as the Pulitzer board wrote in their commendation, meticulously reconstructed. Keller traces the minutes leading up to the tornado’s destruction of parts of a town, and also the … Read more

Angels & Demons

By Notable Narratives December 15, 2005

This piece is full of French’s signature muscular approach to theme and idea. He’s eager to frame a story, provide his "take." His gutsiness makes him an authoritative and compelling guide. He establishes themes at the outset. His themes in … Read more

Survival's Nothing New

By Notable Narratives December 13, 2005

This piece is built on well-written sentences, scenes with terrific dialogue and vivid characters. Montgomery poses a question—how to survive when survival was so tough even before the hurricane—which he resolves with a lovely scene. This story has a refreshingly … Read more

The Race to Save Mary Lynn

By Notable Narratives December 13, 2005

This is an efficient, clearly recounted story about the rescue of a fishing boat that got caught in Hurricane Katrina. The structure is coherent and divided well into its six sections. We wondered if the tale’s suspense might have been … Read more

Coming Out on the Other Side

By Notable Narratives December 5, 2005

Kiernan neither romanticizes nor demonizes her characters in this story. Her approach to the story is complex and intelligent. We like the lead, which imparts so much information in an innovative and intriguing way. We also like that this is … Read more

A Husband for Vibha

By Notable Narratives December 2, 2005

This is a lovely series. We like the precision of the writing, the sensible yet sensitive attention to the protagonist’s complicated immigrant life. Persaud writes respectfully and with poise, never over-dramatizing or caricaturing. She weaves into the tale useful and … Read more