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A Life in the Balance

By Notable Narratives September 27, 2006

We have to admit that the topic of this story, its high drama, made us a bit wary. Still, the series is well worth reading because it is an engrossing tale. Rose’s pregnancy, it seems to us, makes the story: … Read more

What’s Left Behind

By Notable Narratives September 26, 2006

This piece is a good example of how to write about emotional topics without mawkishness or sentimentality. A woman has lost her husband; she must now face the challenges of hanging onto her farm and caring for her young son. Read more

Homestead to Homes

By Notable Narratives September 26, 2006

By clicking the link below, you’ll find four selections from Shaw’s intermittent series about the transformation of a Minnesota farm into a high-end subdivision. Shaw follows the project from the farm’s last harvest through the process of planning and building … Read more

Slow Death

By Notable Narratives September 25, 2006

This is a effective example of how narrative can flesh out, give dignity to, people who feel they are, as a central character says in this story, “just a number in someone’s book.” The story also uses narrative to make … Read more

The Bread of Life

By Notable Narratives September 17, 2006

This is a lyrical short memoir that manages to be touching without being overly sentimental. We found the mix of direct scene and reflection effective. We offer one suggestion. Imagine what one small change could do: Remove the “would” ‘s … Read more

Free Wheelin’

By Notable Narratives September 17, 2006

This short piece entertains while providing an appropriately complex portrayal of a man who has suffered but whose spirit, or will anyway, seems irrepressible. We particularly liked the opening line for its writerliness, and the ending quote for the way … Read more

Looking Out for Roberta

By Notable Narratives September 17, 2006

We liked the topic of this narrative, and we appreciated Laughlin’s clarity in laying out its themes. Through a narrative approach, she reveals the cultural and legal ramifications of Sophia Addo’s death on 9/11 and the ways in which her … Read more

Remember His Name

By Notable Narratives September 17, 2006

Smith writes in a folksy, manly voice—as if he were saying, “gather round, boys, and I’ll tell you a story about daring, heroism and doing the right thing, even when the world seems bent on doing wrong.” It’s a captivating … Read more

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