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Three Days in Rome

By Notable Narratives July 25, 2006

In this investigative piece, Rozen traces contacts between members and affiliates of the Bush administration and an Iranian exile with a reputation for tall tales. Rozen builds on the case that the administration bases foreign policy on bad advice and … Read more

Facing Famine

By Notable Narratives July 20, 2006

This essay appeared in Best American Travel Writing 2004. In much of his writing, Haines is a cross-cultural guide, seeking to take his readers into foreign worlds, to help them experience another culture’s deep difference—and also its humanity. In this … Read more

Before the Rumble Seat

By Notable Narratives July 20, 2006

As the auto writer for the Los Angeles Times, Neil got the chance to drive a replica of Karl Friedrich Benz’s first gas-powered car. While describing the run with pleasure, he ties the car to the history of Los Angeles … Read more


By Notable Narratives July 20, 2006

This series is a great example of how good storytelling can help us understand issues in new and illuminating ways. Godines describes her descent into mental illness with dramatic skill. She’s also clearly interested in being a good journalist, in … Read more

A Sermon of Hatred and Doom…

By Notable Narratives July 13, 2006

We include this piece in part because of its strong authorial presence. Sedensky guides readers through his portrait of Fred Phelps with a firm hand. Here’s an example: “They’re not doing this to save you. They’re doing it to save … Read more

Death in Somalia

By Notable Narratives July 12, 2006

Xan Rice had recently met Martin Adler when Adler was shot and killed at a rally in Somalia. Four days later Rice offered this account. We liked the vivid photo-like description the piece begins with. We liked the tight structure: … Read more

Shaken Survivors Witness Pure Fury

By Notable Narratives July 12, 2006

This piece won an American Society of Newspaper Editors’ Distinguished Writing Award for Deadline Reporting. We admire the friendly, human voice, the determination to find a fresh way to describe the fury of a hurricane, the resultant evocative descriptions. Read more

The Wrong Man

By Notable Narratives July 11, 2006

We found this story difficult to read, for good reason; we squirmed with sympathy for Elias Fishburne, a man who is swept into the criminal justice system in a case of mistaken identity. Jones masterfully builds tension and sorrow for … Read more

Good Intentions

By Notable Narratives July 11, 2006

DeGregory spent four months reporting this story about a 14-year-old girl, Lillie, her newborn son, Thomas, and the woman who takes her in, Amy. DeGregory’s structure is lucid, the scenes intimate. She shows once again her knack for highlighting small, … Read more

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