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The Persuasive Narrator

By Story Craft May 23, 2006

We call lots of things “stories” in American journalism, but very few of them are true narrative storytelling. Most journalistic accounts are reports, whose primary purpose is to pass along information to readers. Reports require certain writing strategies to help readers … Read more

Stories Are Everywhere

By Story Craft May 23, 2006

There are stories everywhere. Any idea could probably be a story if you had enough time and stamina, but I try to expedite the process a bit. I read whatever I can: lots and lots of newspapers, magazines, literary journals … Read more

Married to the Military

By Notable Narratives May 12, 2006

This is a thorough and nuanced examination of the war’s impact on American lives. The story of the main character, Jeannette Mulligan, the wife of a soldier, provides an overarching narrative thread as the story moves from chapter to chapter. Read more

Dear World

By Notable Narratives May 9, 2006

Viser writes about a young man, Zack Weinstein, who has “started an unusual process: healing by blog.” Weinstein writes about his experiences on his blog following a spinal injury that paralyzed him from the chest down. Viser alternates excerpts from … Read more

Letting Go of Dakota

By Notable Narratives May 5, 2006

We liked that DeGregory emphasized the human component in this story about the loss of her dog: her children and their reactions, her husband’s and her own reactions as well. The piece shows a skillful, light touch. Read “ … Read more

Rakan’s War

By Notable Narratives May 5, 2006

Rakan is a 12-year-old who, through extraordinary intervention by several powerful men, is flown to an American hospital from Iraq following the death of his parents and his own injury from American fire. It’s a compelling tale. We liked the … Read more

First Born, Fast Grown

By Notable Narratives May 4, 2006

This is a beautiful example of writing well about endangered children. Wilkerson’s voice is at once poised, solemn, compassionate and engaging. The detail she has gathered and included is fine and telling. Her scenes tell us much about her character, … Read more

Angela Whitiker’s Climb

By Notable Narratives May 4, 2006

Wilkerson wrote about Angela Whitiker’s son in her Pulitzer Prize-winning story "First Born, Fast Grown." Twelve years later, she chronicles his mother’s successful struggle to earn a nurse’s degree and move from poverty into the middle class. What makes the … Read more

A Hanging

By Notable Narratives May 4, 2006

Orwell uses himself as a character in this piece, in the service of irony. Another character is a dog. We found the dog to be a brilliant, devastating, well-exploited detail. This is an excellent study in when to “show” and … Read more

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