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Enrique’s Journey

By Notable Narratives February 21, 2006

Nazario’s reporting for this series was remarkable. She followed Enrique for part of his journey—from the U.S.-Mexican border to North Carolina—and reconstructed the rest. As part of her research into his experience, she rode seven freight trains, hitched a ride … Read more

Smoking ’em Out

By Notable Narratives February 19, 2006

Mark Kramer cautions his students against writing “How I Got the Story” stories. A particularly amateurish version of such a story might begin: “I felt nervous as I walked into Jane Doe’s elegant office. I knew she was one of … Read more

The $40 Lawyer

By Notable Narratives February 19, 2006

This is a real story, structurally speaking: The main character’s problem is clear from the outset, and we are engaged by the central question of whether he will succeed. Secondary dramatic threads—the missing mother, the dissatisfied girlfriend—enrich the narrative and … Read more

Soldier’s Final Journey

By Notable Narratives February 5, 2006

Lake does a nice job portraying this fallen soldier’s life in authentic terms. He shows some change in the young man’s character before he dies, which makes the piece more engaging and insightful. He follows the transportation of the soldier’s … Read more