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The Lessons of the Father

By Notable Narratives October 25, 2006

We asked Swidey to tell us about his work on this story. Here’s what he e-mailed us: “I knew what I didn’t want to write: the birth-to-current-day profile of Mitt Romney, the Massachusetts governor and presidential hopeful. That had been … Read more


By Story Craft October 13, 2006

[Note: The following is an edited transcript from a talk at the 2001 Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism. It first appeared in the Spring 2002 issue of Nieman Reports.] The ending is something special. The ending is the last word. Read more

The Last Best Hope

By Notable Narratives October 10, 2006

Kimber’s story about Tom Martin, a devoted detective, has a strong sense of direction—even though his piece is based on interview. We thought this piece a good example of writing a profile—as opposed to a true narrative—while avoiding a pitfall … Read more

The Growing Season

By Notable Narratives October 10, 2006

Born to an unwed mother, Frank Beazley was given up to an orphanage as a newborn. His difficult life rolled out from there. We appreciated the historical detail the series provides. Miller emphasizes Beazley’s resilience, generosity and optimism. These themes … Read more