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“Just be the kite.”

By One Great Moment September 25, 2018

An award-winning author writes a break-out novel, and then another, and then… It has been 10 years since Minnesota novelist Leif Enger‘s last book, “So Brave, Young and Handsome,” was published. That followed soon after his best-selling … Read more

A People Torn: Cleo’s Story

By Notable Narratives March 30, 2007

Schmickle and the project’s editor, Laurie Hertzel, wrote us the following comments on this project: Sharon Schmickle: Two years ago, I began hearing that several thousand Liberians had arrived recently in Minnesota bearing tales and trauma from their West African … Read more

Suddenly It Was Up to Shane

By Notable Narratives March 31, 2006

Padilla set out to follow the recovery of Jeff May, one of the victims of the Red Lake school shootings — but found little narrative there. So Padilla and his editor, Laurie Hertzel, shifted the focus to Jeff’s brother, Shane, … Read more