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    The Seekers

    By Notable Narratives November 22, 2005

    Okay, so this series isn’t strictly narrative. It’s an exploration, via deep-thinking scientists, of some of the big questions of human existence. But it uses an important element of narrative—a knowing, amiable voice—to lead us on a fascinating tour—not from … Read more

    After the Fire

    By Notable Narratives November 22, 2005

    This piece is the work of a fine storyteller. We admire Fisher’s purposeful movement from one development to another while covering a slew of characters—often probingly, always with sensitivity and attention. She captures and isolates pivotal moments, creating a sequential … Read more

    The New Plague

    By Notable Narratives May 24, 2005

    Like another series by Nutt on this site, “The Seekers,” this piece is not truly narrative. But it shows how a companionable voice and a sense of destination, applied to a huge, abstract topic, can make us readers feel we’re … Read more

    Last Chance High

    By Notable Narratives March 22, 2005

    This is a six-part series about an alternative school for struggling kids in Essex County, N.J. The piece gets close to kids whom others might dismiss—just as the school does. It’s an effective and affecting account. We notice the structure: … Read more

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