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The Big Game

By Notable Narratives March 15, 2007

This series was written and reported by Kevin Van Valkenburg and Lem Satterfield. It follows a cast of characters through a football season, focusing on one central game. It explores the ways that football provides opportunities for the best players … Read more

Journeying into Jerusalem

By Notable Narratives January 31, 2007

This lovely, short narrative essay provides small and interesting details about a region we’re more likely to read about in news articles. The piece is also about how death creeped up on one man, in a land of religious stories. Read more

Two Brothers Make a Family

By Notable Narratives January 17, 2007

Usually we want newspaper narratives with highly emotional content to connect with some larger public issue; otherwise they’re so often mawkish, sentimental. But there are also, of course, plenty of pieces so well written that they stand on their own. Read more

On Their Own

By Notable Narratives January 4, 2006

This moving series examines the development of a friendship between high school seniors Iven and Gary, which thrives not despite but because of the financial, legal, academic and family challenges they face. Baltimore Sun reporter Liz Bowie delicately details the mutual loyalty that … Read more

If I Die

By Notable Narratives November 28, 2005

This is a courageous series. Sugg looks closely, with compassion and detachment, at a subject that is doubly difficult: death among children. We admired her unflinching yet sensitive examination of one child’s particular death and also her exploration of the … Read more

The Umpire’s Sons

By Notable Narratives November 18, 2004

We must admit we approached this piece about a father and his ill sons with a bit of weariness: another story about suffering children, death, loss. The piece is wrenching. It’s also beautifully done. The lead sets up poignant … Read more

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