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Sons of the Mothers

By Notable Narratives September 12, 2006

Marilynn Rosenthal is on an obsessive quest for the truth. Trying to understand her son’s death, she even travels to the United Arab Emirates in search of the mother of one of her son’s murderers. We admired the evocative reconstructive … Read more

Enter the Therapy Zone

By Notable Narratives August 31, 2006

Trost’s own daughter is doing well, she reports, after years of innovative and experimental treatments for her combination of learning and behavioral problems. In this piece Trost returns to that world by following another little girl through a maze of … Read more

The Wrong Man

By Notable Narratives July 11, 2006

We found this story difficult to read, for good reason; we squirmed with sympathy for Elias Fishburne, a man who is swept into the criminal justice system in a case of mistaken identity. Jones masterfully builds tension and sorrow for … Read more

Guarding the Truth

By Notable Narratives July 5, 2006

This fascinating piece is part historical narrative, part contemporary profile. From a craft point of view, we were interested in the challenge of portraying Margarete Barthel, the former SS guard, in ways that offer an authoritative "take" yet leave room … Read more

Count Him In

By Notable Narratives November 22, 2005

This piece goes to show that in skilled hands, a “how I got the story” narrative can beguile readers, making them willing to encounter difficult, and in this case obscure, material. A science narrative is almost always, as here, … Read more

The Weight of a Family’s Hopes

By Notable Narratives November 16, 2004

Hull uses detail to full effect but also embeds comments in her narrative that advance her larger point. Notice this phrase in the lead paragraph of this third installment: Amy’s school supplies are “all the gear needed for a well-planned … Read more

Two Jobs and a Sense of Hope

By Notable Narratives November 16, 2004

In this final, sad chapter of the series, a West African immigrant, Adama Camara, scrubs toilets and wipes tables for 16 hours a day. The world is a grimy, dreary, bone-tired place. There’s too much work for too little gain, … Read more

Dreaming Against the Odds

By Notable Narratives November 16, 2004

In this second installment of Hull’s series, you’ll find this small example of how even a newspaper article (the voice of which is usually straight and communitarian) can include irony: “As Saul and Nallely talk about which Starbucks puts the … Read more