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The Girl in the Window

By Notable Narratives November 7, 2008

“The Girl in the Window” is the story of Dani, a child so removed from normal human community she has been labeled “feral.” In this St. Petersburg Times piece, Lane DeGregory walks along a delicate tightrope, exploring an abused child’s … Read more

Shuttle Diplomacy

By Notable Narratives November 12, 2006

Allison focuses his profile on Nelson’s volunteer mission on the space shuttle, using details about Nelson’s behavior on the shuttle to portray him as a slightly nerdy politician who’s also—surprise, suprise—just a little opportunistic. Read “Shuttle Diplomacy,” by … Read more

Free Wheelin’

By Notable Narratives September 17, 2006

This short piece entertains while providing an appropriately complex portrayal of a man who has suffered but whose spirit, or will anyway, seems irrepressible. We particularly liked the opening line for its writerliness, and the ending quote for the way … Read more

Looking Out for Roberta

By Notable Narratives September 17, 2006

We liked the topic of this narrative, and we appreciated Laughlin’s clarity in laying out its themes. Through a narrative approach, she reveals the cultural and legal ramifications of Sophia Addo’s death on 9/11 and the ways in which her … Read more

The Gator Terminator

By Notable Narratives August 14, 2006

We admired the lively writing in this piece and Lake’s smart take on its subject. More than just an entertaining story about a man with an unusual job, it’s got theme: Old Florida v. New Florida, and the ironies that … Read more

Good Intentions

By Notable Narratives July 11, 2006

DeGregory spent four months reporting this story about a 14-year-old girl, Lillie, her newborn son, Thomas, and the woman who takes her in, Amy. DeGregory’s structure is lucid, the scenes intimate. She shows once again her knack for highlighting small, … Read more

The Saboteur and His Son

By Notable Narratives June 22, 2006

This is a story about the power of story and stories: the power of telling them, of withholding them; the weight they bear in families; the power they have to heal, bring resolution. In this story French writes about his … Read more

Letting Go of Dakota

By Notable Narratives May 5, 2006

We liked that DeGregory emphasized the human component in this story about the loss of her dog: her children and their reactions, her husband’s and her own reactions as well. The piece shows a skillful, light touch. Read “ … Read more