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The Race to Save Mary Lynn

By Notable Narratives December 13, 2005

This is an efficient, clearly recounted story about the rescue of a fishing boat that got caught in Hurricane Katrina. The structure is coherent and divided well into its six sections. We wondered if the tale’s suspense might have been … Read more

A Husband for Vibha

By Notable Narratives December 2, 2005

This is a lovely series. We like the precision of the writing, the sensible yet sensitive attention to the protagonist’s complicated immigrant life. Persaud writes respectfully and with poise, never over-dramatizing or caricaturing. She weaves into the tale useful and … Read more

Please Help Me

By Notable Narratives July 8, 2005

French uses the second person here to describe a reporting experience he had in Uzbekistan. This is a “how I got the story” story, in which the narrative consists mainly of the process of reporting. It seems clear that French … Read more

America’s New Friends

By Notable Narratives July 8, 2005

There’s no real narrative structure here, but the piece contains scenes that reveal much, that stand out for their lovely writing. Like his other story on Uzbekistan that’s included on this site, but to a lesser degree, this piece has … Read more

A Gown for Lindsay Rose

By Notable Narratives July 7, 2005

According to this narrative’s editor’s note, French began covering this story 24 hours after the baby had died. He ended up focusing the narrative on a labor and delivery nurse. We were interested in this good choice of focus. On … Read more

Their Eyes Are Wide Open

By Notable Narratives June 21, 2005

This piece takes on the theme of idealism; the two others in the paper’s series (of which we are aware) took on themes of optimism and fear. These latter pieces address their themes head-on, as in “Now I’m going write … Read more

Mower Power to Him

By Notable Narratives May 26, 2005

Benham strikes the right tone in this piece—friendly and a touch ironic. The piece is punctuated by creative passages and playful quips. But there’s substance here, too: The playfulness is supported by the concrete details of her reporting. We like, … Read more

Route to Independence

By Notable Narratives March 16, 2005

Mark Sheppard is an ordinary guy who took a job that he felt was his calling: He helps people—most of them with special needs—learn how to navigate their world by bus. DeGregory has a knack for portraying character … Read more

Countdown to Landfall

By Notable Narratives March 10, 2005

When Bill Adair e-mailed us this piece, he wrote, “It’s an instant narrative. Just add water.” The action, tension, suspense—they’re ready-made. We notice the effective use of team reporting, which enables the reader to be in many places at once. Read more