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Desperately Seeking Dick Cheney

By Notable Narratives March 15, 2005

Dick Cheney’s 2004 campaign has denied Lyman a seat on Air Force Two, so he hopscotches around the country by commercial plane, trying to keep up. It’s a case in which writing a how-I-got-the-story story can work—and in this case, … Read more

When to Campaign with Color

By Notable Narratives March 8, 2005

In the series of which this piece is a part, the Times used narrative and insightful reporting to uncover the often hidden ways that race is “lived” in America. Egan writes about two Washington State politicians—Gary Locke, a Chinese-American, and … Read more

Death to Blasphemers

By Notable Narratives November 18, 2004

There are many things to admire in Bearak’s collection of pieces for which he won a 2002 Pulitzer. We’ll just point out, for this piece about pre-9/11 Pakistan, his tone: It’s dry, almost wry, which allows for both the seriousness … Read more

Getting In

By Notable Narratives November 16, 2004

Gross’s series is an example of using profile to examine larger social contexts or processes, in this case the college-admissions game. The style is airy, the content more weighty, the mix of which makes the piece both entertaining and substantive. Read more